Catholic Schools Week: Waxworks and Biographies on Parade

Last week Immaculate Conception School celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a different activity for each day! Thursday marked our Biography day, which saw students dressing up as historical, biblical, and even fictional figures. The students conducted research on their chosen characters, and presented to their classmates and visiting parents. View the gallery below.

Mr. Mark LaRivierre from our partner Creative Classrooms reads with Grade 1

Grade 3 was buzzing with activity and featured many costumes

Historical figures, such as Alexander Hamilton, were especially popular

Students really engaged with their presentations, dressing up with creativity and dedication

A group of students observe a presentation

Grade 6 set up a waxworks exhibits, where visitors could approach and learn from the “wax” figures

Instructor Alex Ivanov demonstrates Krav Maga techniques to the school with a student

Krav Maga students learn self-defense techniques in our after school program