Looking for our 3-Year-Old program or UPK? Please refer to our Early Childhood Page.


Application forms will soon be available online. Enrollment is ongoing, and can be started at any time. To register at Immaculate Conception School, the following information must be submitted for each child:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security
  • Immunizations
  • Last Report Card

School Tours

Tours will be available throughout the year, and private tours can be arranged. To sign up for a tour please call the school office, or use this online form.

Tuition and Fees – 2017-2018

K – 8 Annual Tuition is $5700.00 for a single child entering the school. For households with two siblings at ICS, the total tuition will be discounted to $8800.00. If a household has three or more siblings in the school, the total tuition is $9100.00.

Immaculate Conception also offers a parishioner discount for families registered in our Parish, Immaculate Conception Church.The discounted tuition for 1, 2, and 3+ child families is $5450.00, $8300.00, and $8900.00 respectively. Interested families are encouraged to contact Immaculate Conception Church for details about enrolling in the envelope system.

Registration Fee – $150.00 per Student

The registration fee is non-refundable and must be paid to secure registration in the school.

General Fee – $275.00 per Student

The general fee covers many school expenses including textbooks, workbooks, technology, art materials, and testing programs.

Fundraising Fee – $300.00 per household

The mandatory fund raising fee will be divided across your Smart Tuition payment plan and will automatically be added to your billing statements.