Enrichment Programs

Children’s Arts Guild

ICS has had a very successful partnership with the Children’s Arts Guild. This program brings additional arts programs into the classroom. Students are also given new opportunities to display their art both in-school, and at city-wide art exhibitions at CAG events throughout the city.

SONYC After School

These after school programs are free for grades 6-8. The programs include homework help alongside popular extracurricular classes that foster creative thinking. Some classes include cooking, design, and robotics. SONYC also runs our basketball team, and ICS students participate in a league with other NYC schools in the program.

Music, Art, Technology

Students have access to chromebooks throughout the day, and use technology in most subjects frequently. Students use GSuite Apps for Education to create, collaborate on, and publish work digitally. ICS feels that it is important to expose our students to these practices early, as they are becoming the norm in high school.

The school art studio allows students to create with a variety of media, and also provides a location for art critique and collaboration. While the studio is not in use during the COVID pandemic, art classes are taking place in classrooms and are incorporating more digital art.

Music classes teach students singing, music appreciation, and teamwork. Students sing at school shows, during school Mass, and during school celebrations. While the music room is not in operation during the pandemic, music classes still take place weekly in the classroom.

Citywide Competitions

Immaculate Conception has a long history of participating in citywide academic competitions. ICS students have submitted work for essay contests, and our school has taken first place in the last two Math Bees we entered. While citywide events are not happening during the 2020-2021 school year, ICS students are eager to participate again when it is safe to do so.